Crescent Sail Yacht Club Junior Sailing 2023

276 Lake Shore Rd, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Mission and Values

The simple mission of the Crescent Sailing Association is to develop solid foundational sailing skills and to instill a love for the sport that will serve as a template for the sport's future.


Smiling while we sail is our special commitment to providing a positive experience to your children.

Magic is the potion we use as instructors for our program when explaining that dedication and hard work usually equal success.

Insight and dedication are required by our instructors to teach the lifelong enjoyment of sailing and our program goal is to inject that light of experience to every student sailor.

Listening is important for young sailors to learn about integrity because it's the rules we live by daily.

Energy is required to work as a team to always support each other on a daily basis on and off the water.